A downloadable game

Let's make a fun platformer adventure game - together! 

This is a demo. The full game is still in development.

You can support the game by donating here:

Vibrant Venture is a singleplayer 2D adventure platformer game mixed with some on the fly puzzle solving! The game features four playable characters each with two unique abilities. By switching between these characters, you can combine their abilities for extremely versatile, fluid and fun movement! 

The main focus of the game is traditional platforming combined with responsive and open-ended controls in a challenging environment which constantly gives the player fun and rewarding experiences. This also means there are often multiple ways to clear different sections!

Install instructions

Unzip the .zip file and run the Vibrant Venture.exe file. Your anti-virus may detect the program as a threat, so make sure you allow it to run anyway.

Make sure you unzip it before running, otherwise you'll get an error!


Vibrant Venture - DEMO 3.1.3 (32-bit) 34 MB
Vibrant Venture - DEMO 3.1.3 (64-bit) 38 MB
Vibrant Venture - DEMO 3.1.3 (Mac OS X) 37 MB

Development log


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its a great game and its in the perfect amount of difficulty and anybody could like it good job

I feel like this game used to be on Roblox lmao

yes it did then they stopped developing on roblox

haha cool sand profile pic

my macbook pro keeps saying that i cannot open the file

Is it ok if I stream this game on twitch


god dammit roblox updates ruining the game

dude they stopped development on roblox


This has got to be one of the most imaginative platformer games I've come across in quite some time.

The title sums it up pretty perfectly, this game is incredibly vibrant, colourful and fun to play! It's got a steady increase in difficulty to prepare you for the rough and tough moments.

Having to switcheroo between characters in the middle of an action really makes things interesting and challenging, and I'm super excited to see how that's going to work out going further into the game, because this little teaser had me dying over and over again!

Since the Kickstarter was a success (hooray!), this is definitely one to watch, and I'll be keeping an eye on it for sure =)

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please stop that

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this game is amazing and ever since i heard there was a steam workshop for this game  i always had the question in my head "can we make player mods with special abilities or level editor mods so we can have special modded items in our levels" both sound like it will be great especially since its a 2D game or at least making our own themes for the level editor like PlataGo.

i freaking love this game its hard though

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but i love it keep it up guys make it ezer or add difficultes

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Good game, but it might just be me, but the music sounds like it playing two different songs at once

Edit: Its because i had two tabs opened accediently



I love this! And this is coming from one of your roblox players! I absolutely enjoyed the heck out of this and can't wait for the full product! Keep it up, guys!


It's a really fun game! I enjoy the platform obstacles thing but the level 3 first area really frustrates me, it's kinda hard and I don't understand what the sign means.

but anyways the game's still fun and I had kinda good progress in it ^^

I thought the update was SO cool that I made a second video, congrats again to Segames for all the hard work

and the supporters out there that donated to their cause
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i like this game, the animations and sounds are great, the characters are good buT I CANT LEGIT PASS THAT ONE PART WHERE YOU NEED TO SWAP FROM THE  RED BOY TO THE BLUE GIRL I GOT ANNOYED SO MUCH AAAAAAAAAAAA

i would like a bigger jump from the red boy in the full version


edit: I DID IT

Hai I just wanna say that there is a bug at the 1-D at the part where you go on that part where you use banana to groundpound the platform so you can break the stones by sliding at that part is a place where you can stand and you can do a fire kick and if you do that than you in that wall above you i hope you guys see this before anyone abuses this and goodd luck with the game btw i even have S+ rank on all levels in the demo and it was really fun to play and still play it even do i already beat this ima try to get S+ on all four save files srry that this message is so long but i hope it didnt bother you!

-Alot of love from me

Probably gonna get it when it comes out. The DEMO is really fun and the character designs are really cool. I've tried to speed run the DEMO itself! Keep it up.

Konnekokitten has donated 5000 dollars to you guys


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Great platformer, the gameplay is addicting and I love the pixel art and character designs. I've played through the demo like three times already lol

This game is so pretty!  Although my own stupidity made the last bit a 15 minute ordeal, this game is so colorful and bouncy and fun! If you want my play of it its here <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT7p9ymt3GM&feature=youtu.be

Dude, this game brings me back to the SNES age, i wish i could donate..


They have a kickstarter where you can donate, it’s at the top of the page :)

Then go do it and donate a lot this time we need 50000 or idk

im pretty sure that it was already reached its goal because of konneckokitten. im pretty sure i spelled that wrong.


You spell It like Konekokitten just so you know lol

This game is so good and has so much potential if i could i would donate a million dollars to the creators of the game!

you can do it :)

i cant i dont gave money :(

I am sad beacuse  my driver sucks and can't be updated so the game is un enjoyable that way but it's good anyway (i can't update my driver)

I love this, i can't wait for the game to be finished!

Can you realse it on android

I think if u donate a lot they can make it on mobile

no it well be bad :/

wow. and this is all based off of a Roblox game?

Yeah, the game was discontinued on roblox due to the roblox update that breaks the game entirely.

this only happen twice i think. for different reasons. 

help :(

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When i click play i can't make a new File. Please fix :(

Other than that, best game ever!

I love this game is so cute and pixeled

Fun little game. Can't wait for the full version


Will there be linux/chromebook support because I really want to play it on my laptop

We played this for our first video and thoroughly enjoyed it!!  Would love to see more :D

really enjoyed this game and am looking forward to doing a let's play on it when it comes out :D

lol same here

why did u quit roblox and make it here?

great work tho!~


roblox kept breaking his game so he quit


Updates to the ROBLOX platform kept breaking the game, so the developer decided to discontinue the ROBLOX version.

Keep up the great work.

I never played this on Roblox. It's my first time hearing of it. I love the character swapping and the world designs! Definite highlights. Some of the layout choices in the demo slowed the pacing, along with your base movement speed, which feels stunted to me. But that could just be my preference. This kind of platformer really benefits from forward momentum, so I'm interested in seeing where the full game ends up. Especially with the sprites and animations. In the meantime, I featured it on my list. Keep up the good work and good luck! 

it looks like it will be really good when fully done.I like how colourful the world is and how you have to change characters mid air to get past some parts of the environment and i feel like a lot of cool things can be done with that I also look forward to see if there will be a story along with the full game.

would rate rainbow out of all the colors

I loved it until I got to the part where you have to character swap in the air to get across...

The button just would not work. Or I couldn't figure it out. Really great game otherwise and I wish I could play more.

good game

Absolutely loved it. From the platforming and weight of the character, to the pixel art and music -- so rad. I really, really love this experience. I'll be keeping an eye out on this project.
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can you play my pixel puzzle game


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